Monday, August 8, 2016

From a Snail into a Swan!

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? During the lunch break? This morning?  Yester night? Three thousand years ago? Do you like what you see? I don’t. You have allowed yourself to be deteriorated and burdened by heaps over heaps of responsibilities. You have become so enclosed in your little shell that even a single ray of light cannot pass through to you. Night lives perpetually over you and your dreams reflect the fear of professional failure that you are cursed with. The bulging gunny sacks under your eyes tell a miserable tale, the knots in your stomach knock at your internal walls, and the creaking tissues in your back scream for rest, while you sit before your laptops entering numbers like numb machines. Is this the cost that you oh so willingly pay for success? What is success? Is success money? It is not. Success is living up to your full potential, and reaching a state where mind and body are attuned tossing in a perfect harmony. Take off the blinders from your eyes and look at what being subjugated has done to you. Rebel against it and treat yourself before it’s too late.

Before you can worry about what others think of you, you need to know what you think of yourself. It is a famous maxim that you must feel beautiful from the inside to look beautiful on the outside. The mechanism of nature is such that the movement of the flux of life is from the inward to the outward. Seed, when sown in the lap of the earth gives rise to tiny shoots from the depth of its endoplasm. A volcano thrusts out magma from its core. Similarly, the purification of the inner soul leads to the generation of an outward glow which envelops the body. If you have decided to treat yourself to some relaxation, go to the nearest spa, and let all your frustration out. Frustration is a dark matter that covers the body and closes all the pores, such that no good thing can enter, and no bad thing can exit. Taking a bath in the medicinal waters of the spa will open all the blocked passages with their powerful minerals, letting all the accumulated waste out, and allowing the healing potions to flow into your soul. Massage therapy will un-tie the knots and tensions in your body, and aroma therapy will cure your damaged psychological being. This is how you can bring peace to your inner being before you start working on your outer being. 

 While living in a society that scans you with a strict eye and places you in a category based on appearance, it is very important how you look on the outside. Once you’ve pacified your interior with the help of a spa, it’s time to work on your exterior with the help of a salon. Give yourself a natural facial, to accentuate that inner glow. Put a minimal amount of makeup to help with those looks. In the summers, use light brown eye-shadow with peachy-nude lips. During the winters, make smoky eyes go with a purple lip-color. Don't forget to make your eyes pop with mascara, and do delineate the curvy eyelids with an eye-liner. Stop wearing ugly flabby clothes and bring colors into your life: small floral dresses with flip flops in the summer and sleek coats with high boots in the winter. Style your hair after the latest fashion and don’t forget to remove your unwanted hair with the best laser hair removal NYC. Waxing might be good, but it takes time and energy. Make your life easy by going to the nearest laser hair removal NYC and getting rid of all that thick, coarse tuft of hair on your body. NYC laser hair removal is painless, swift, predictable and tidy. It is the best choice for one who wants to have a soft and smooth, hair-free skin. Now, you will not only look beautiful but feel beautiful as well.

Everybody needs motivation at one time or another to go all the way through an arduous assignment. Beautifying yourself, body and soul, is nothing short of a herculean task. It might even seem intimidating at first, but once you’ve resolved to overcome it, it will be as easy as putting butter on bread. If you are looking for inspiration, then movies will help you immensely. First and foremost is the astounding transformation of Mia Thermopolis in ‘The Princess Diaries’ from being a bushy haired nerd to a top-notch princess. Then I present Tai from ‘Clueless’ in front of you, and her epic transformation, from an ugly duckling to a swan, is bound to be inspiring. Who can be more motivating than the Alpha Zeta girls from ‘The House Bunny’ who underwent a complete change from being uninteresting geeks to the talk of the town? Then there is the girly transformation of a dark weirdo, Allison, from ‘The Breakfast Club’ to inspire you to beautify yourself. Josie Geller breaks the wall of teenage branding and bullying, and shines through as a beautiful being in ‘Never Been Kissed’. Gracie Hart from ‘Miss Congeniality’ is the best when it comes to inspiring, as the transformation of a hairy manly cop into a tough Barbie doll is amazing. All these women have felt subjugated by one thing or another, and they outgrew it by facing it head on. This is how movies teach you to break the chains and live for once.

A famous internet acronym is what sums up this article, YOLO: You Only Live Once, or if you’re a classicist, then carpe diem: enjoy the present. What is the benefit of remaining cooped up in your shells? None, what-so-ever! ‘Break out and let go’ is what I preach. Open the closed doors of your body with a spa and expel the darkness from laser hair removal midtown NYC. Live and turn from a Snail into a Swan!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

For A Little Fun In The Sun, Be A Yeti No More!

Can you recall a mythical creature which is believed to reside on the dark crest of the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, is ape-like, covered with a thick hide of hair, and preys on stray beings? A Yeti, you would say. I say it is YOU. Yes, you are a Yeti. Just as the powerful forces of pubescence touch you, you start to mutate on a rapid scale, giving birth to some obstinate tufts of thick, black, hair in areas unknown. Mood swings make you hotter than an active volcano at times or as cold as an isolated igloo. The sentinels of adolescence spawn bulbous, pus-filled pimples on your skin, elongating it in the process. Not only is it the stretching that bothers you, but wrinkling also casts its curse on you too. This change makes you want to hide in the dark corners of your room, pouncing on those who disturb your depression, and feeding on stray slices of pizza under your bed. Do you believe me now that you are practically a Yeti?

It is an accepted belief that darkness unwillingly attracts light towards it, and is eventually destroyed. You must have heard of the metaphor of unrequited love, commonly used in the oriental poetry, about a moth that is fatally attracted to the blazing candlelight, and wastes its life before it. In the age-old epics, evil snake-like women, disguised as beauties, would lure stray Knights to their bosoms, only to be annihilated by those pure beings at the break of the spell. Even if we tread on the dangerous grounds of colonialism and talk about how the Dark Mysterious Continent attracted the White Savoir and was deprived in the process of its originality. From these examples, you can infer the weird relationship between darkness and light. Now, taking this principle into view, a solution to your Yeti problems can be revealed. NYC laser hair removals a process in which a pulsating beam of light is manually directed at an area of the skin, killing the hair follicles in the process. The black matters inside the follicles attract and absorb the light beam and dissolve into nothingness at the end. 

From 1990 onwards, laser hair removal NYC has been the ultimate solution to unwanted hair problems. If you have riotous hair on any part of your body that you think hold you back, then visit the best laser hair removal NYC to pluck the rowdy crowd right from the roots. However, if you are skeptical being steeped in the traditional teaching, you would ask me as to why should you risk the exposure to a uber-technical gadget when so many other foolproof options are available to you. You would argue that unwanted hair can be easily removed by shaving, waxing, and threading. Well then, you must have no need for a refrigerator when you can so ‘easily' preserve food by pickling, or even a printing press when you can save your masterful creations by scribbling on stone tablets using your bare hands. Progress pleads from you to move along with its pace. Surely, shaving, waxing, and threading may seem like adequate recourses to you, but they do not promise permanence. You would have to shave every single morning, wax every alternate day, and thread every week to keep the wild hair from coming back, not to mention the severe pain associated with these methods. They may seem like good options to you, but they can never be the best, and you deserve the best, don’t you?

On the other hand, laser hair removal midtown NYC promises so many benefits to you. You must have heard the oft-times repeated nugget ‘Time is money,' which is all the more relevant today. Who has the time these days to sit hours on end, plucking every single unwanted hair from its root? Surely, not those who know the precious value of this ‘commodity.' Solely for the conservation of time, scientists introduced the brilliant technology of laser hair removal NYC which clears off the thick black hair from a select area of skin in one swipe. It takes only a few seconds to do the upper lip, only a few minutes to do the bikini line, and only a half hour to do the arms and legs. Apart from this, the whole process is as painless as slipping into cold jeans on a winter day. Unlike waxing which needs hot wax and strips and what not, it doesn’t require much and does not make a mess. Moreover, its progress is predictable, as only a few sessions to the laser hair removal Midtown, NYC will considerably lessen the growth and permanently pause the regrowth of the returning hair.

If there is a thing we’ve learned about ourselves over the millenniums, it is this that we cannot simply survive on our own for very long. Aristotle was not joking when he said that human beings are social animals. We have to live in societies and stay interconnected to ensure collective happiness. Because of this imperceptible fact, every human being likes to be accepted in his social circles. Acceptance by others is usually the basic motive behind our actions. We strive to bring ourselves up to the standards defined by the Society. One of these standards, set by the inter-subjectivity of the society, is beauty. Societal aesthetics consist of certain notions which develop over time.

Right now, a beautiful woman is the one who has a fair complexion, a swan-like neck, a twinkle in the almond-shaped eyes, rosy cheeks, intelligent speech and an elegant gait. Most of all, she is considered pulchritudinous because she has zero unwanted hair on her body. All you girls out there would want to come up to this standard one way or another. Removing the unwanted hair by laser hair removal NYC is the first step towards doing it. So, remove that hair, stop being a Yeti and have fun in the sun with those bikinis!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Cellulite Treatment NYC

For many people, there are three great inevitable parts of life: death, taxes, and cellulite. Cellulite, the appearance of fat puckering below the skin, is not unusual— studies estimate that over 85% of post-adolescent women experience cellulite. However, it can still be a cause of anxiety, a reminder that many of us are not as young nor as fit as we once were.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with cellulite if you don’t want to. Cellulite treatment in NYC will help either partially or entirely remove these blemishes, leaving your skin smooth and lump-free!

At BioSkin Laser, we achieve remarkable results by working with you to better understand the results you are looking for and give you the cellulite treatment to reach your desires. Our skincare professionals understand that each client has unique traits and needs, modifying our cellulite treatment in NYC to give you beautiful results. We are committed to providing you with smooth, radiant skin, knowing that our outward appearance enhances how we feel about ourselves internally. Give yourself the body you want - the body you deserve. Visit BioSkin Laser to speak with our professionals about your aspirations.

Many doctors agree that the most effective treatment for cellulite uses radio frequency to reduce the appearance of dimpled fat on the body. This treatment has been shown to temporarily (the treatment lasts six months or so) reduce the circumference of the treated area, be it thighs or waist, and to smooth the treated area’s fat reserves. BioSkin Laser uses the VelaShape system, combining radio frequency and infrared light to heat localized fat tissues. A hand-held probe which projects electromagnetic waves is moved over the skin, heating up fat tissue, while mechanical massage smooths and tightens skin.

VelaShape is a pain-free, short cellulite treatment in NYC that features little to no downtime. Sessions are typically 40 minutes to an hour long, and results can be seen immediately. We advise weekly treatment sessions for best results. After 4-6 weeks, many of our clients report remarkable skin results. Once we have successfully minimized or erased cellulite, we recommend at least one monthly VelaShape treatment to maintain your beautiful look.

In combination with VelaShape, a nutritious diet will ensure that you get the results you want. What we eat affects how our skin ages. Certain foods and vitamins increase our skin’s elasticity. For example, nutritionists have found that liposomal vitamin C supplements enhance skin firmness, omega-3s (found in oily fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds) act as anti-inflammatory agents, and B vitamins keep estrogen hormones in balance. Additionally, regular exercise increases leg musculature and helps keep fat reserves in check! 

You want to feel good about yourself. Part of that is feeling good about your body. With cellulite treatment in NYC, you can keep that cellulite at bay!

For more information about our affordable cellulite treatment in NYC, call BioSkin Laser at (212) 696-1900.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Zerona Laser NYC

 Many Americans struggle with weight issues. At the same time, most of these individuals have tried everything from crash diets, change in lifestyle, and intense exercise regiments. There's no doubt that shedding the precious pounds is a must, whether it be for cosmetic or health related concerns. If you've tried all of the above solutions to no avail, don't worry. We have a solution that will promise you fast and long lasting results. We're speaking about the breakthrough technology of Zerona laser in NYC.

BioSkin Laser helps you achieve the results you are looking for in as few as three laser treatment sessions. Our professional and attentive specialists create a relaxing environment, treating Zerona laser in NYC as a spa event over fat reduction treatment. Painless and gentle, Zerona laser treatments are a wonderful way to treat yourself to self care without experiencing worry or stress caused by the treatments. Speak with our professionals to learn about how Zerona laser treatments can benefit you!

We know what you're thinking. No, this is not another painful or invasive surgery procedure. Zerona laser in NYC is a fast, painless, and extremely effective way to help you shed those delicate pounds at any problematic area. The procedure lasts for less than an hour. For the first 40 minutes, the lasers are used to prepare your body to shed the collected fat. The remaining 20 minutes is when the laser will target the problem area and work at keeping you at your best physical condition. You should continue the procedure three times a week for two weeks. Then, you'll begin to notice effects that you could have only dreamed of before.

No two patients are exactly alike. As such, you should consult with our specialists before any expectations or timetables are established in your mind. Still, no matter where you have fat deposits or what your end goal is, the Zerona laser in NYC process will help you achieve a more slim, toned, and overall great looking physique.

This is not some process that promises results and leaves you scratching your head. The laser process has been scientifically tested to bring out the best you have within your body. We're not making any blanket statements here. Trust us, you will be fully satisfied with the process after you look in the mirror and are taken aback by how gorgeous you look!

For more information about Zerona laser in NYC, call BioSkin Laser at (212) 696-1900.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cellulite Treatment in NYC

Are you struggling with cellulite? If so, you are not alone. This is a common issue for many people in this country. You may have tried diet, exercise, and other treatments that promised to get rid of your body fat. You may have also slimmed down, but still have the marks of cellulite in the problematic areas. Never fear, BioSkin Laser features a cellulite treatment in NYC to give you the look you want. Call us today for a proven way to battle cellulite and push it out of your life forever.

BioSkin Laser is committed to assisting residents of New York feel great about themselves! We achieve stunning results in our comfortable laser cosmetic spa, using safe and effective methods to minimize and eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Our skincare technicians will assist you in fighting the signs of aging with results appearing in as few as four treatments! With BioSkin Laser, you'll experience renewed joy over the appearance of your toned, contoured, and reshaped skin!

What is Cellulite?

What appears on your skin as these target areas for cellulite are a universal feature of human beings. We all have this fat under our skin. It's what makes the skin soft and flexible. However, sometimes it gets built up too much, and you get the unwanted appearance that can cause self-consciousness and a degraded self-image. We never want anybody to feel bad about how they look - and our cellulite treatment in NYC can achieve results that restore your well-being and self-image!
How We Can Help

We use the VelaShape cellulite treatment in NYC. VelaShape is an FDA-approved, non-surgical cellulite reduction method that gradually smooths over the skin's surface using infrared light and energies to heat fat cells and stimulate growth of new collagen and elastin. If you have a low pain threshhold, 

More Than Cellulite Treatment

Our cellulite treatment in NYC will do more than isolate and remove the unwanted fat deposits that sit under your skin. You will also find wrinkles and other signs of aging are reduced or removed for good. Aside from this, you can expect softer, more silky skin. These are some of the benefits our customers have reported that made them fully satisfied with our treatment options.

Contact us today and discuss your options. Although cellulite is a troublesome part of life, it no longer has to be. We are here to help.

For more information about our cellulite treatment in NYC, call BioSkin Laser at (212) 696-1900.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Venus Freeze vs. Zerona Laser in NYC

With so many fat-loss options available these days, sorting through them all to find one that truly benefits you can be daunting. At BioSkin Laser, we offer our clients leading approaches to fat removal and smoother skin - only bringing you treatment options that show repeated success. Two of our services, Venus Freeze in NYC and Zerona laser in NYC, have grown in popularity due to their non-invasive, worry-free techniques. But which is the best option for you?

BioSkin Laser specializes in skin care and fat removal services. Our clients in the NYC area come to us when they want to restore their skin’s natural glow, reduce the appearance of cellulite or wrinkles, and rejuvenate their appearance with our specially crafted services. Our expert skin care technicians provide years of experience and knowledge about our Venus Freeze in NYC and Zerona Laser in NYC services, giving you the information to ensure successful treatments and results in as few as three sessions! When choosing BioSkin Laser for your skin care needs, you receive expert care and professionalism in a comforting atmosphere – and no downtime afterwards! Below, we’ll briefly discuss both Venus Freeze and Zerona Laser treatment methods to give you the ‘skinny’ on these two fat-reducing services.

Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is an FDA-approved approach to minimizing the appearance of facial and body wrinkles. More than that, Venus Freeze can tighten your skin, giving you a flatter and more defined abdomen, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and lift your buttocks for better shape. Those who choose Venus Freeze in NYC benefit from affordable treatments providing superior results.

Multi-polar radio frequencies and Pulsed Magnetic fields produce soothing and therapeutic heat over the skin. The multi-polar radio frequencies stimulate natural healing of tissue, causing new collagen to form, producing new elastin fibers. Venus Freeze in NYC may seem more like a massage-session than a cellulite-reduction treatment, and that’s because the warm sensation of this award-winning method is akin to a hot-stone massage. Within an hour, you’ll feel refreshed, tightened, and restored.

Zerona Laser

The first difference between Venus Freeze and Zerona Laser is the temperature in which they operate. The Zerona Laser utilizes cold low level laser technology to release the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact.  Unlike other fat-removal techniques, Zerona Laser will not leave you with bruises, swelling, and damage to surrounding tissue. Our Zerona Laser in NYC treatments are much different than traditional fat removal techniques like liposuction or gastric-bypass surgery – simply enjoy yourself and let our fully trained experts perform pain-free laser fat removal.

Zerona Laser is most effective at removing fat cells and giving you the shape you are looking to achieve. Like Venus Freeze, the Zerona Laser method is a relaxing, Zen-like procedure in which you rest comfortably for 20 minute intervals while the laser is applied to a target area.  The Zerona Laser works best in clients who have crafted a diet to reach continued success and optimal results. When used in conjunction with a proper diet, the Zerona Laser’s results can be truly awe-inspiring.

If you are looking to tighten your skin, the Venus Freeze treatment will give you the results you are looking for. For individuals seeking a pain-free, affordable fat reduction treatment method, the Zerona Laser is the way to go. Of course, we are available to speak with you further about these, or any of our skin care services. At BioSkin Laser, we’re here to help you look and feel great!

For more information about Venus Freeze in NYC or Zerona Laser in NYC, call BioSkin Laser at (212) 696-1900.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

VelaShape in NYC

Losing weight and getting the shape you’ve always wanted are concerns many people struggle with. There are tons of products, creams, diets, supplements, and procedures aimed at helping those struggling to find their optimal form. These work in varying degrees, but they often require longtime commitment for the weight to stay off. That is why researchers are constantly searching for the next breakthrough with regards to weight loss. Many believe they’ve stumbled upon it in the form of VelaShape in NYC. The expert skin care professionals at BioSkin Laser are fully trained in VelaShape treatments and create a relaxing atmosphere for you while your skin benefits from this innovative method. Our affordable rates and commitment to your satisfaction has made us a trusted provider of Velashape in NYC, and we are proud to serve residents of New York City with this FDA-approved approach to minimizing cellulite and giving your skin a glow. Continue reading for more information about the procedure, how it works, and how it can help you with your weight loss dreams.

For starters, VelaShape is non-invasive. This procedure doesn’t involve painful surgery or repeated visits to the doctor for maintenance. Instead, VelaShape in NYC offers you a complete package of weight loss that is both safe and fast. Results begin to take shape after about three sessions, but it can vary depending on the individual, their weight, and their target of focus. VelaShape has been proven to remove cellulite deposits around the neck, including the chin and surrounding area, the arms, thighs, buttocks, abs, and flank. Growth towards complete weight loss is gradual, and after each session the perfect shape begins to take form. So how does it work?

The technology behind VelaShape uses a combination of infrared light, energy from radio frequencies, and vacuum pressure to heat up fat cells. This procedure also targets their surrounding tissue and the dermal collagen fibers that lay underneath. Our VelaShape in NYC system stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, with will also improve the texture of your skin. Consider the process similar to a deep-tissue heated massage. That’s how most patients describe it, at least. The most side-effects you’ll experience are slight warm sensations around the targeted area. This is normal. It lets you know the procedure is working as it should.

If weight loss and better skin sound right to you, contact us today for a consolation and more information.

For more information on VelaShape in NYC, call BioSkin Laser at (212) 696-1900.