Sunday, April 26, 2015

Laser Hair Removal in Midtown NYC

As the summer is approaching you may be on the lookout for somewhere that does laser hair removal in midtown NYC. Here to introduce BioSkin Laser, an FDA approved medical spa in Midtown NYC, which does everything from laser hair removal to cellulite and botox treatments. Using only safe, gentle, and top technology equipment, BioSkin Laser has the experience to perform successful cosmetic treatments for every skin and hair type in NYC.

Both women and men can feel uncomfortable about excess hair on their own body. Until recently, the only permanent solution was painful electrolysis. Today laser hair removal is replacing electrolysis by offering gentle and permanent hair removal. At BioSkin Laser we have chosen to work with the newest technology called the YAG Pro . It is designed for painless treatments, and has unprecedented success in hair removal for dark skin, and light hair types which were previously unable to be treated by older laser technology.

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions to overcome the natural growth cycle of the hair, and there is no definite amount of treatments that will work for everyone. At BioSkin Laser we recommend 6 treatments for most hair types and areas of the body. Laser hair removal is completely safe and you can go back to your regular activities directly after each treatment.
Whether you want full body hair removal or just a small area, call us today to find out how you can achieve the results of your dreams with BioSkin Laser!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Medical Spa Midtown NYC

There are many reasons why you may be seeking a medical spa in midtown, NYC. A medical spa is one that treats a variety of regular clinical conditions for cosmetic purposes. BioSkin Laser is a professional spa in midtown NYC that is licensed to work with all types of cosmetic treatments for conditions that would not otherwise be medically treated, due to their lack of threat to a person's health. Though what often gets over-looked by the medical field, is a person's emotional health. Many non-threatening skin conditions such as excess hair growth, hair loss, or cellulite can cause a person to feel uncomfortable in social situations, leading to a lower quality of life.

When you come in for medical/cosmetic treatment you want to look younger, more toned, or just be more comfortable in your skin. BioSkin Laser bases all their innovative treatments on solid medical research that work, even sometimes using a combination of treatments in order to achieve  maximum results and get you to your goal. BioSkin Laser performs all treatments in a safe and gentle way, giving its customers the relaxing feeling of being pampered, while keeping with its commitment to professionalism.

Treatments offered by BioSkin Laser include, but are not limited to:
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Botox
  • Chemical Peel
  • Body Waxing
  • Vein Removal
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Lip Enhancement
  • Skin Tightening
Call or visit our website for more information on our Medical Spa in Midtown NYC.

Hair Loss Clinic Midtown NYC

If you are looking for a hair loss clinic in midtown NYC you won't have to look too far. BioSkin Laser is a medical spa in midtown NYC with a reputation for the successful treatment of hair loss under the expert direction of Dr. Judith Volpe MD. Licensed to perform many types of medical/ cosmetic treatments and with much experience, BioSkin Laser is a clinic you can trust for professionalism, great results, and top customer service. At BioSkin Laser, we are here for YOU.

Many things can cause hair loss (alopecia) in men and women. The most common cause for hair loss is genetic aging and the natural hormone changes that result. Certain medications, autoimmune diseases, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, aggressive salon procedures, and severe stress or trauma can also cause hair loss or thinning. For each client, an individual treatment program is designed based on the reason for the hair loss. The core of the hair loss treatment program is Low Level Laser Therapy, and is supplemented by home laser light therapy as well as topical and oral products. All treatments for hair loss are FDA approved and are based on scientific research which is proven to work wonders.

Treatment with BioSkin Laser can stimulate hair regrowth, prevent further hair loss, and thicken existing hair.
So don't wait! Call for more information on our hair loss clinic in midtown NYC, and to find out how we can help to restore your confidence today!