Sunday, April 26, 2015

Laser Hair Removal in Midtown NYC

As the summer is approaching you may be on the lookout for somewhere that does laser hair removal in midtown NYC. Here to introduce BioSkin Laser, an FDA approved medical spa in Midtown NYC, which does everything from laser hair removal to cellulite and botox treatments. Using only safe, gentle, and top technology equipment, BioSkin Laser has the experience to perform successful cosmetic treatments for every skin and hair type in NYC.

Both women and men can feel uncomfortable about excess hair on their own body. Until recently, the only permanent solution was painful electrolysis. Today laser hair removal is replacing electrolysis by offering gentle and permanent hair removal. At BioSkin Laser we have chosen to work with the newest technology called the YAG Pro . It is designed for painless treatments, and has unprecedented success in hair removal for dark skin, and light hair types which were previously unable to be treated by older laser technology.

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions to overcome the natural growth cycle of the hair, and there is no definite amount of treatments that will work for everyone. At BioSkin Laser we recommend 6 treatments for most hair types and areas of the body. Laser hair removal is completely safe and you can go back to your regular activities directly after each treatment.
Whether you want full body hair removal or just a small area, call us today to find out how you can achieve the results of your dreams with BioSkin Laser!

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