Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Laser Hair Growth in NYC

Are you interested in an effective method of treating lost or damaged hair? Bio Skin Laser is a cosmetic health care office that provides laser hair growth in NYC; a unique, technologically advanced treatment program that has been proven effective for men and women alike. Whether you are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, or chemically damaged hair, your hair and scalp can benefit greatly from this treatment.

Laser hair growth in NYC is an effective hair loss treatment program that features many benefits for patients with hair loss issues. If your hair has been thinning, or has been damaged due to bleaching, dying or other salon mishaps, laser hair growth in NYC can help restore your hair to its original thickness. This treatment, also known as LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) utilizes laser technology to stimulate the hair follicles, causing them to re-energize. Laser hair growth in NYC is an FDA- approved treatment that is recommended in stimulating hair regrowth for men in NYC.

Our Doctor Judith Volpe MD specializes in total health and wellness, including hair regrowth for men in NYC. At Bio Skin Laser, our laser hair growth in NYC has helped many New York City clients achieve their hair regrowth goals after their hair has been thinning, lost or chemically damaged. We work closely with each client to create an individualized plan based on the condition of your hair loss, among other factors.

Let our laser hair growth in NYC professionals gain back the full head of hair you deserve. If you have any questions about laser hair growth in NYC, contact Bio Skin Laser at 212-696-1900. Whether you are interested in treating your chemically damaged or thinning hair, or are interested in hair regrowth treatment for men, our staff can help you get the results you desire!