Monday, December 21, 2015

Venus Freeze & Venus Legacy Treatments in NYC

If you want smooth skin, to remove cellulite, tighter skin without veins and stretch marks, then look no further. The Venus systems, including Venus Freeze treatments in NYC and Venus Legacy treatments in NYC, are  effective ways to improve your skin. Both procedures are virtually painless and will restore your skin and body to its optimal state. At BioSkin Laser, we administer Venus Freeze treatments in NYC with professional care and attention to your comfort. These innovative methods harness radio frequency, magnetic pulse therapy, and VariPulse technology to tighten your skin, remove wrinkles, reduce fluid around the eyes...and so much more!

Venus Freeze treatments in NYC are an award-winning breakthrough in skin treatment and care. This is a monumental step towards helping you find your optimal skin condition and appearance. You’ll have a reduction of cellulite, skin tightening, and wrinkles. The procedure uses magnetic fields to penetrate your skin and bring out the beauty that lies beneath. It’s safe, as the magnets only seek to improve your skin’s oxygen flow, nutrient count, and blood distribution. Venus Freeze treatments in NYC takes only about half an hour, and you should expect between six and ten visits, depending on your target area and body size. The improvements that you’ll see are dazzling, and you must see them to believe it. Call us today and we’ll point you to some of the amazing case stories of Venus Freeze treatment in NYC.

Our New York location also offers a breakthrough system designed to target problematic fat deposits, including cellulite. The VariPulse technology found in our Venus Legacy treatments in NYC will improve your blood circulation immediately. The result is glowing skin and reduced fat. As with the Venus Freeze, Venus Legacy treatments in NYC should take about 30 minutes and could be as little as six or as many as ten visits, depending on your specific case. In all, however, the Venus Legacy treatment in NYC is safe and offers results you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re having problems with skin tightening, wrinkles, veins, cellulite, or unsettling fat deposits under the skin, we have a solution for you. In New York City, you can find the Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy systems that are brand new, completely safe, painless, and worry-free.

For more information about our Venus Freeze treatments in NYC or our Venus Legacy treatments in NYC, call BioSkin Laser today at (212) 696-1900.

Our former clients have been ecstatic about their results. For more, see our Venus Freeze treatment reviews in NYC.

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