Friday, February 5, 2016

Venus Freeze vs. Zerona Laser in NYC

With so many fat-loss options available these days, sorting through them all to find one that truly benefits you can be daunting. At BioSkin Laser, we offer our clients leading approaches to fat removal and smoother skin - only bringing you treatment options that show repeated success. Two of our services, Venus Freeze in NYC and Zerona laser in NYC, have grown in popularity due to their non-invasive, worry-free techniques. But which is the best option for you?

BioSkin Laser specializes in skin care and fat removal services. Our clients in the NYC area come to us when they want to restore their skin’s natural glow, reduce the appearance of cellulite or wrinkles, and rejuvenate their appearance with our specially crafted services. Our expert skin care technicians provide years of experience and knowledge about our Venus Freeze in NYC and Zerona Laser in NYC services, giving you the information to ensure successful treatments and results in as few as three sessions! When choosing BioSkin Laser for your skin care needs, you receive expert care and professionalism in a comforting atmosphere – and no downtime afterwards! Below, we’ll briefly discuss both Venus Freeze and Zerona Laser treatment methods to give you the ‘skinny’ on these two fat-reducing services.

Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is an FDA-approved approach to minimizing the appearance of facial and body wrinkles. More than that, Venus Freeze can tighten your skin, giving you a flatter and more defined abdomen, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and lift your buttocks for better shape. Those who choose Venus Freeze in NYC benefit from affordable treatments providing superior results.

Multi-polar radio frequencies and Pulsed Magnetic fields produce soothing and therapeutic heat over the skin. The multi-polar radio frequencies stimulate natural healing of tissue, causing new collagen to form, producing new elastin fibers. Venus Freeze in NYC may seem more like a massage-session than a cellulite-reduction treatment, and that’s because the warm sensation of this award-winning method is akin to a hot-stone massage. Within an hour, you’ll feel refreshed, tightened, and restored.

Zerona Laser

The first difference between Venus Freeze and Zerona Laser is the temperature in which they operate. The Zerona Laser utilizes cold low level laser technology to release the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact.  Unlike other fat-removal techniques, Zerona Laser will not leave you with bruises, swelling, and damage to surrounding tissue. Our Zerona Laser in NYC treatments are much different than traditional fat removal techniques like liposuction or gastric-bypass surgery – simply enjoy yourself and let our fully trained experts perform pain-free laser fat removal.

Zerona Laser is most effective at removing fat cells and giving you the shape you are looking to achieve. Like Venus Freeze, the Zerona Laser method is a relaxing, Zen-like procedure in which you rest comfortably for 20 minute intervals while the laser is applied to a target area.  The Zerona Laser works best in clients who have crafted a diet to reach continued success and optimal results. When used in conjunction with a proper diet, the Zerona Laser’s results can be truly awe-inspiring.

If you are looking to tighten your skin, the Venus Freeze treatment will give you the results you are looking for. For individuals seeking a pain-free, affordable fat reduction treatment method, the Zerona Laser is the way to go. Of course, we are available to speak with you further about these, or any of our skin care services. At BioSkin Laser, we’re here to help you look and feel great!

For more information about Venus Freeze in NYC or Zerona Laser in NYC, call BioSkin Laser at (212) 696-1900.


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