Wednesday, December 14, 2016

BioSkin for best Laser Hair Treatment in NYC

I have come across many people who are seeking the best laser hair removal in NYC.

For all these people BioSkin Laser is the answer.

BioSkin Laser is a genuine licensed spa in midtown NYC. It offers many services to its clients including laser hair removal, skin care, Botox, chemical peeling, facial filling, lip enhancement, much more.

BioSkin Laser has the latest skin care technology at its disposal allowing it to practice the finest standards prevalent in the market. Whether clients are seeking skin enhancement or medical treatment for their skin, BioSkin Laser is an establishment that can be trusted for giving the best possible service.

Laser Hair Removal at BioSkin Laser

BioSkin Laser utilizes a technology that has been approved by the FDA. The procedure has been chosen because it is painless, and offers swift results for most of the skin types.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Before you venture into the best laser hair removal in midtown NYC, you must have been wondering what this phenomenon is and whether you should be trying it. After all, this concerns your skin. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to take any risks in this regard.

In the article below, you will find a few myths that have been associated with the procedure of laser hair removal. The reader will also get to know the facts regarding all these aspects. This will allow him / her to form their opinion whether this is a suitable treatment for them.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe

The first myth associated with laser hair removal is that it is not a safe procedure for most skin types. The fact is that it is a very reliable treatment which does not have any side effects neither in the short run or a long one. 

However, it should be noted here that the safety of the procedure also depends, to an extent, on the machine being used, and the expertise of the person who is handling it.

Keeping in view the safety aspect of the treatment, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved only a handful of laser hair removal systems.

FDA Approval 

The system used by BioSkin Laser for laser hair removal in NYC FDA approved. This means that the client is exposed to the minimum risk of any kinds of complications or a problem arising after the treatment has been carried out.

Excessive Hair Growth

Some people are concerned that the laser hair removal procedure will cause more hair growth. The fact of the matter is that lasers cannot cause hair growth under any circumstance. Suppose, this was true, don't you think all those people who are opting for surgical hair transplant would have preferred laser sessions for this purpose?

Nevertheless, it must also be understood that every human being is unique which means that one can never claim that no hair will grow after getting this treatment. However, it is also not fair to blame the phenomenon on laser hair removal. Hair growth and laser treatment have no connection at all.

Some people believe that laser hair removal is equally effective for all types of hair and skins. This is not true. Every person has a different type of hair. Laser treatment works best with thick and course hair rather than with thin and fine hair. The particular type of your skin also plays a very important role in the success or failure of this procedure.

No Radiation

It is widely believed by many people that getting laser hair removal treatment will expose them to radiation in itself is very harmful to them. It must be noted here that FDA will never issue the license to any treatment which is harmful to public health. In fact, even it suspected that a certain procedure would cause damage to a patient; the regulatory body will not allow it to operate. Moreover, BioSkin Laser offers the best laser hair removal in NYC. The well-being of its clients is a prime objective that is never overlooked by BioSkin.

The treatment offered by BioSkin Laser for laser hair removal at NYC had FDA's approval. Moreover, there is no radiation emitted by this system since it works by transferring heat energy into the follicles of hair. This heats them up to a degree where they permanently lose their ability to grow. No radiation is involved in the entire procedure at any step.

Number of sessions

It has also been observed that a new person opting for laser hair removal treatment requires just a single session. This is, again, a wrong belief. It is not possible to carry out this procedure in many areas in a single session. It is a delicate procedure that cannot, and should not, be carried out in a haste lest the roots of the hair are damaged.

Another important thing to understand is that there is a set of hair on a particular area of the body which is active and growing whereas there is another set which is dormant. In the initial session, laser treatment only targets the hair that is active. This is why at least six to seven sessions are required for best results. 

No Pain

Finally, a prevailing misconception about this treatment is that it involves a lot of pain. Again, the treatment itself is not painful; however, if someone has complained that it caused him / her some distress, he / she may be right. This is because, in individual cases, some people may experience discomfort at some stage of the treatment, though it is never unbearable.

The majority of people say that the only thing they experience during a laser therapy session is a kind of pin prick.

The hair removal treatment carried out at BioSkin Laser is carried out with the help of Gentle Yag Pro. It is designed to cater to all types of skin. This technology has the capability to treat even grey and light hair; however, an extra session will be required. A single session spans over 15 to 60 minutes. It depends on the size of the area on which the treatment is being carried out. 


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