Monday, August 8, 2016

From a Snail into a Swan!

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? During the lunch break? This morning?  Yester night? Three thousand years ago? Do you like what you see? I don’t. You have allowed yourself to be deteriorated and burdened by heaps over heaps of responsibilities. You have become so enclosed in your little shell that even a single ray of light cannot pass through to you. Night lives perpetually over you and your dreams reflect the fear of professional failure that you are cursed with. The bulging gunny sacks under your eyes tell a miserable tale, the knots in your stomach knock at your internal walls, and the creaking tissues in your back scream for rest, while you sit before your laptops entering numbers like numb machines.
Is this the cost that you oh so willingly pay for success? What is success? Is success money? It is not. Success is living up to your full potential, and reaching a state where mind and body are attuned tossing in a perfect harmony. Take off the blinders from your eyes and look at what being subjugated has done to you. Rebel against it and treat yourself before it’s too late.

Before you can worry about what others think of you, you need to know what you think of yourself. It is a famous maxim that you must feel beautiful from the inside to look beautiful on the outside. The mechanism of nature is such that the movement of the flux of life is from the inward to the outward. Seed, when sown in the lap of the earth gives rise to tiny shoots from the depth of its endoplasm. A volcano thrusts out magma from its core. Similarly, the purification of the inner soul leads to the generation of an outward glow which envelops the body. If you have decided to treat yourself to some relaxation, go to the nearest spa, and let all your frustration out. Frustration is a dark matter that covers the body and closes all the pores, such that no good thing can enter, and no bad thing can exit. Taking a bath in the medicinal waters of the spa will open all the blocked passages with their powerful minerals, letting all the accumulated waste out, and allowing the healing potions to flow into your soul. Massage therapy will un-tie the knots and tensions in your body, and aroma therapy will cure your damaged psychological being. This is how you can bring peace to your inner being before you start working on your outer being. 

 While living in a society that scans you with a strict eye and places you in a category based on appearance, it is very important how you look on the outside. Once you’ve pacified your interior with the help of a spa, it’s time to work on your exterior with the help of a salon. Give yourself a natural facial, to accentuate that inner glow. Put a minimal amount of makeup to help with those looks. In the summers, use light brown eye-shadow with peachy-nude lips. During the winters, make smoky eyes go with a purple lip-color. Don't forget to make your eyes pop with mascara, and do delineate the curvy eyelids with an eye-liner. Stop wearing ugly flabby clothes and bring colors into your life: small floral dresses with flip flops in the summer and sleek coats with high boots in the winter. Style your hair after the latest fashion and don’t forget to remove your unwanted hair with the best laser hair removal NYC. Waxing might be good, but it takes time and energy. Make your life easy by going to the nearest laser hair removal NYC and getting rid of all that thick, coarse tuft of hair on your body. NYC laser hair removal is painless, swift, predictable and tidy. It is the best choice for one who wants to have a soft and smooth, hair-free skin. Now, you will not only look beautiful but feel beautiful as well.

Everybody needs motivation at one time or another to go all the way through an arduous assignment. Beautifying yourself, body and soul, is nothing short of a herculean task. It might even seem intimidating at first, but once you’ve resolved to overcome it, it will be as easy as putting butter on bread. If you are looking for inspiration, then movies will help you immensely. First and foremost is the astounding transformation of Mia Thermopolis in ‘The Princess Diaries’ from being a bushy haired nerd to a top-notch princess. Then I present Tai from ‘Clueless’ in front of you, and her epic transformation, from an ugly duckling to a swan, is bound to be inspiring. Who can be more motivating than the Alpha Zeta girls from ‘The House Bunny’ who underwent a complete change from being uninteresting geeks to the talk of the town? Then there is the girly transformation of a dark weirdo, Allison, from ‘The Breakfast Club’ to inspire you to beautify yourself. Josie Geller breaks the wall of teenage branding and bullying, and shines through as a beautiful being in ‘Never Been Kissed’. Gracie Hart from ‘Miss Congeniality’ is the best when it comes to inspiring, as the transformation of a hairy manly cop into a tough Barbie doll is amazing. All these women have felt subjugated by one thing or another, and they outgrew it by facing it head on. This is how movies teach you to break the chains and live for once.

A famous internet acronym is what sums up this article, YOLO: You Only Live Once, or if you’re a classicist, then carpe diem: enjoy the present. What is the benefit of remaining cooped up in your shells? None, what-so-ever! ‘Break out and let go’ is what I preach. Open the closed doors of your body with a spa and expel the darkness from laser hair removal midtown NYC. Live and turn from a Snail into a Swan!


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