Wednesday, July 27, 2016

For A Little Fun In The Sun, Be A Yeti No More!

Can you recall a mythical creature which is believed to reside on the dark crest of the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, is ape-like, covered with a thick hide of hair, and preys on stray beings? A Yeti, you would say. I say it is YOU. Yes, you are a Yeti. Just as the powerful forces of pubescence touch you, you start to mutate on a rapid scale, giving birth to some obstinate tufts of thick, black, hair in areas unknown. Mood swings make you hotter than an active volcano at times or as cold as an isolated igloo. The sentinels of adolescence spawn bulbous, pus-filled pimples on your skin, elongating it in the process.
Not only is it the stretching that bothers you, but wrinkling also casts its curse on you too. This change makes you want to hide in the dark corners of your room, pouncing on those who disturb your depression, and feeding on stray slices of pizza under your bed. Do you believe me now that you are practically a Yeti?

It is an accepted belief that darkness unwillingly attracts light towards it, and is eventually destroyed. You must have heard of the metaphor of unrequited love, commonly used in the oriental poetry, about a moth that is fatally attracted to the blazing candlelight, and wastes its life before it. In the age-old epics, evil snake-like women, disguised as beauties, would lure stray Knights to their bosoms, only to be annihilated by those pure beings at the break of the spell. Even if we tread on the dangerous grounds of colonialism and talk about how the Dark Mysterious Continent attracted the White Savoir and was deprived in the process of its originality. From these examples, you can infer the weird relationship between darkness and light. Now, taking this principle into view, a solution to your Yeti problems can be revealed. NYC laser hair removals a process in which a pulsating beam of light is manually directed at an area of the skin, killing the hair follicles in the process. The black matters inside the follicles attract and absorb the light beam and dissolve into nothingness at the end. 

From 1990 onwards, laser hair removal NYC has been the ultimate solution to unwanted hair problems. If you have riotous hair on any part of your body that you think hold you back, then visit the best laser hair removal NYC to pluck the rowdy crowd right from the roots. However, if you are skeptical being steeped in the traditional teaching, you would ask me as to why should you risk the exposure to a uber-technical gadget when so many other foolproof options are available to you. You would argue that unwanted hair can be easily removed by shaving, waxing, and threading. Well then, you must have no need for a refrigerator when you can so ‘easily' preserve food by pickling, or even a printing press when you can save your masterful creations by scribbling on stone tablets using your bare hands. Progress pleads from you to move along with its pace. Surely, shaving, waxing, and threading may seem like adequate recourses to you, but they do not promise permanence. You would have to shave every single morning, wax every alternate day, and thread every week to keep the wild hair from coming back, not to mention the severe pain associated with these methods. They may seem like good options to you, but they can never be the best, and you deserve the best, don’t you?

On the other hand, laser hair removal midtown NYC promises so many benefits to you. You must have heard the oft-times repeated nugget ‘Time is money,' which is all the more relevant today. Who has the time these days to sit hours on end, plucking every single unwanted hair from its root? Surely, not those who know the precious value of this ‘commodity.' Solely for the conservation of time, scientists introduced the brilliant technology of laser hair removal NYC which clears off the thick black hair from a select area of skin in one swipe. It takes only a few seconds to do the upper lip, only a few minutes to do the bikini line, and only a half hour to do the arms and legs. Apart from this, the whole process is as painless as slipping into cold jeans on a winter day. Unlike waxing which needs hot wax and strips and what not, it doesn’t require much and does not make a mess. Moreover, its progress is predictable, as only a few sessions to the laser hair removal Midtown, NYC will considerably lessen the growth and permanently pause the regrowth of the returning hair.

If there is a thing we’ve learned about ourselves over the millenniums, it is this that we cannot simply survive on our own for very long. Aristotle was not joking when he said that human beings are social animals. We have to live in societies and stay interconnected to ensure collective happiness. Because of this imperceptible fact, every human being likes to be accepted in his social circles. Acceptance by others is usually the basic motive behind our actions. We strive to bring ourselves up to the standards defined by the Society. One of these standards, set by the inter-subjectivity of the society, is beauty. Societal aesthetics consist of certain notions which develop over time.

Right now, a beautiful woman is the one who has a fair complexion, a swan-like neck, a twinkle in the almond-shaped eyes, rosy cheeks, intelligent speech and an elegant gait. Most of all, she is considered pulchritudinous because she has zero unwanted hair on her body. All you girls out there would want to come up to this standard one way or another. Removing the unwanted hair by laser hair removal NYC is the first step towards doing it. So, remove that hair, stop being a Yeti and have fun in the sun with those bikinis!